Noah Kagan Net Worth: How much money does Noah Kagan make in an year?

Noah Kagan Net Worth 2021

Wondering what is Noah Kagan Net Worth? Read the article to find out. Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of, AppSumo, and other web-based businesses. He has written numerous articles on productivity, entrepreneurship, and technology that have made him one of the most prominent figures in this field. In this article, … Read more

How to Advertise on YouTube: Step-By-Step Guide To Run YouTube Ads (What are various YouTube Ad Formats?)

Looking to Advertise on YouTube? Read this complete guide further. YouTube Ads is a highly recommended option, whether you have a small budget to promote your brand or if you manage large advertising budgets. Ads on YouTube, along with a good advertising strategy on Facebook Ads, are the perfect combination for any type of business. … Read more

Duplicate Content: Why You Should Handle it and Not Let it to Google: Why Does It Matter For SEO?

FIghting scene

If a large portion of the content is present within a domain or across domains, it is called duplicate content. If you are blogger, I’m sure you would have come across the word “duplicate content”. You are either a blogger who is writing informational blog posts or one of the very few who scrapes content … Read more

Best Harry Potter Books Recommendations: Books To Read If You Love Harry Potter

harry potter books

Harry Potter is a series of novels written by the world-famous author J.K Rowling.  The books are about a young wizard, Harry Potter, who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learns how to use his magic skills to help him in his fight against Lord Voldemort. The first book was published in … Read more